Seam Repair

Seam Repair

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With our commitment to sustainable fashion, we are excited to offer repair services to extend the life of your garment! Chose your garment's fabric type and repair item, print out your order confirmation and ship it along with your garment. If multiple repairs are needed, please add each repair to cart separately.

- If you have questions or feel that more description of your damaged garment is needed, please send an e-mail to

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  • All material costs included
  • Seams are often the weak point of a garment. Typically tears in seams will be small, about the size of a finger. There may be additional costs depending on the size and placement of the torn seam.
  • Common seam repairs: tears in pockets, side seams, armholes or shoulder seams, loose hems, etc. 
  • Lightweight: Silk; Mediumweight: Shirting; Heavyweight: Denim/Canvas
  • All garments must be cleaned before sending. Any unwashed garments will be returned
  • To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, we will allow 24-36 hrs to pass before working on your garment once received. 
  • Repairs will be performed in the order received and may take up to two weeks to complete.
  • If your garment is unable to be repaired, we will return your garment and issue a refund.